Friday, October 10

Update on baby hall

Well, Mommy was wrong.. Baby Hall is about 5 weeks old now. And that means that s/he has been alive since between the 18th and 24th of September. So right now that would make Baby Hall about 18-22 days old. So, my before calculations were off. The reason that they say I am 5 weeks along, is because my last menstrual cycle was about 5 weeks ago.

Right now Baby Hall is in the middle of transforming from a fertilized egg, into a more human looking baby. s/he has already made the long trip from my fallopian tube to my uterus and implanted itself there. Now she is starting to be surrounded by the amniotic fluid that will be his/her home for about 8 more months, until s/he arrives to mommy and daddy around May 30.

So, In case it isnt apparent, I have spent the last week reading up on being pregnant. When I am not puking that is.

Well, I will continue to keep you updated.. My first OB/GYN apointment is on Oct. 29.. So pray for me..

Bye for now,
Baby's Mommy

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The Krahns said...

I sympathize with you! I've spent many, many months of my life throwing up!! It got so bad when I was expecting Naomi that if Arthur tried to kiss me I would throw up!! How romantic for a newleywed!!! If it gets too bad they can give you things to help although their awful slow to do so. We're thrilled for you - you'll be great parents!