Monday, December 7


I am posting a blog entry!

I have not posted in a long time, and thought I should update you all on what I have been up too. I have pictures of Judah from the last several months, but I have to admit, there are not nearly as many as I thought I would have.. I will have to go through them and find them.. Maybe a project for tomorrow.. Or, maybe if he is in a good mood, we will do a mini photo shoot!

All of his professional pictures are AWESOME! But they don't give us a CD like Jason does, (How I wish Jason was closer) So, I will have to check the copyright thing and see if I am even allowed to scan them all and put them up here..

So, I have not posted since August huh.. Wow..
Well, here it goes.

August- Judah was 2 months old. Almost the entire month, I had some scary medical issues, which turned out to only be a vitamin B defincency. But in the month of August, I had 12 Dr appointments, 4 MRI's and blood drawn way to many times. I also nearly gave up nursing my darling little boy, since I was out of it so much of the time, and it was way easier just to give him a bottle. Especially for Chris when I had some panic attacks. I am so grateful that God did not let me quit, and that I had several people encouraging me to keep nursing.
September- Put in my 2 weeks at Aenta, and then got fired due to my medical issues. This was a little frustrating for me, because Chris and I were doing really well paying off all the debt, and thought I would only have to work for about a year.. But it was also a blessing in disguise. They fired me the same week I started getting my injections, and made a full recovery, so Chris didnt miss any more work babysitting both Judah and I, and I have been a stay at home mommy ever since. It truely is a blessing to get to be such a major part of his life. Plus, he seems to learn something new every hour! I can not imagine the world from his eyes where everything is new, and exciting. I love watching the wonder in his eyes at every thing he sees and touches. This is the month he got really grabby too! Especially when we wanted to eat! He also starting the teething process, which has yet to produce a tooth, but he has the drool, and sparatic tooth pain. Maybe by January. The first weekend in Sep was Labor Day. Chris's family always goes to Family Camp in Cooperstown. This year my Uncle Kevin from Texas made it up, and he brought my Grandma and Grandpa up. My pastor from Pembina was the speaker, and it was good to see him again.

Judah also got to know my family a little better, when I stayed with them for a week, just to finish recovering from my medical issues.

October- Judah is 4 months old now. And this was a busy busy month! We had his dedication on Oct 11, and a lot of my family was able to make it as well as Chris's mom and dad. The thing I remember most about this month, was trying to get Judah's SS card. I put it in a very safe place, and have not seen it since, so I went down to get another one. I brought his birth certificate, as well as the discharge papers from the hospital, where we indicated we wanted to apply for one. I was wearing Judah in a ring sling when I went into the office, and they told me I needed to prove he was alive! So frustrating! So I asked what kind of proof they needed, and they said the only thing they could accept was immunization records. I felt like banging my head on the wall!.. The lady looked completly shocked when I explained that we did not immunize our child, and told me he would not get into school without it.. So, I explained that we were planning to homeschool, and her jaw dropped even more.. So, she went searching around for almost 10 minutes to see if there was anything else I could present.. Other than the live baby of course! Long story short, I made 3 more trips, before I found out I could present a dedication certificate.
Fun month!

Also in October, I found out all my crazy ideas have a name! And I am not the only one! I practice attachment parenting, which consists of things like wearing the baby, breastfeeding for a min of 1 year, and maybe longer depending on the relationship of mother and baby, cosleeping, tending to baby's cries right away, ect. And my other crazy ideas, about natural living, vaccines, cloth diapers, elimination communication and such is referred to as "crunchy!" Its nice not to feel alone. I discovered an amazing online community called "Gentle Christian Mothers." It has been such a blessing!
Wow, this is getting long! I will try to talk faster!
November- Judah is 5 months old, and the beginning of the month, he got pnemonia, and was hospitalized for 3 days.. Talk about stress! That completly threw off his sleep schedule, and made him way more clingy.. Which is why we were kindof forced into co-sleeping. Now that we are, I love it.. Most of the time. We celebrated Thanksgiving twice with Chris's family.. The weekend before with Stacy, Rich and Bethany, Chris's sister and family, and the second time with Kelly and Brian, his other sister, and her fiance.. Both times at his parents house. It was nice for me to have people to hang out with, and Chris didnt complain about the time off of work..
I also went shopping on Black Friday, and LOVED it.. I found it exhilerating, though my mom disagrees. :)
Somewhere in here, Judah started getting up on hands and knees, and tries really hard to crawl.

December started off with Chris's birthday on the first. Judah got a little sick again this weekend, but more to freak me out than anything.

I went to the Toby Mac concert on Sunday night and it was AMAZING! It was cool to see a preformer so on fire for the Gospel of Christ. I totally support his ministry.

Wow.. What a long post.. I am going to have to go find pictures now.. :)

This is me and Judah when we did his 1 month pictures in July. I know they are a little late, but still precious. These were done by the same guy who did our wedding, Jason Siebolds of Renegade Photography. We have been thrilled with his work.. He does a wonderful job, and we only wish he lived closer so he could do every months shots of Judah. He is for sure worth the cost difference between him and Wal-Mart..

This is another one by Jason at 1 month, with Chris.

Okay Grandma, he doesnt need to grow up that fast! Judah's first driving lesson, at camp, Sep, 2009.

And last one I could find real quick was a family pic also Sep 2009. Like Chris's hair? I did it myself! It doesnt look like that now though.. His hair grows fast.. It isnt fair.
Well, with that I will publish my little book.. Ahem, I mean post! I hope I will get better at this.. It might stimulate me to actually take more pics!