Sunday, September 28


Today I was at work for the "church rush" (When people come into eat after Church) It is sad, because the people, most of whom have just come from church are inpatient, and rude. Today though there was a family, who was very very gracious. They were dressed up so it was apparent that they had come from Church. I was so impressed by the way these people expressed the life of a Christian, the joy, the gratitude, the peace... It was awesome.. I wanted to go to their Church for the Sunday evening service tonight, but wasnt able to..

Anyways.. It is refreshing to see good representations of the faith...

Thank you folks from Open Door Baptist Church..

Saturday, September 27

Chinese food, and wedding pics

Chris and I are going out for Chinese today.. I am really excited.. Why I am blogging about that.. I am not sure.

I am going to start posting pictures of the wedding little by little on here.. That way friends and family can see them.
The 2 that are here are me and my dad walking down the isle, and then Chris and I as we were presented Man and Wife. They are nice pictures I think. All the wedding pictures posted on this site were taken by Jason at Renegade Photography.. (
He was awesome to work with. If you are looking for a photographer for any occasion and you live in or around Fargo, call Jason.
That is all I have for now..
Signing off,

Friday, September 26

Finally figuring it out

Congrats me!!

I finally figured out to put a picture up of Chris and I as the header of this page!! Go Me!! Woo Hoo!!

Okay I am a little excited..

I just got back from K-Mart, and I spent about 50 dollars and came home with 3 bags... I bought apple juice, and milk... as well as some things I needed for my kitchen.. I do like wal mart so much better....

Anyways, I dont have anything really inportant to say...

So I am going to sign off for now..

Tuesday, September 23

Aetna Hopefull

Okay, so today I am very very psyched. I am going to get a face to face interview with someone at Aetna which is a life insurrance company. I am excited about this because Chris works there as well, and we may be able to carpool and other things like that.. Not to mention the pay of over 13 dollars an hour. Last time I applied, I did not even get a call back.. but this time, I got the email, callback, phone interview and now the face to face interview.

There are only a few bad things happening today.. I burned my finger with boiling how water, and now it stings like crazy.. and I have to go to work in an hour. Don't get me wrong, I do really like my job, but right now, I kinda feel like I am wasting my time making only 7.50 an hour. By the time I fill up the car every week, most of my check is gone. I really hope I get on with Aetna. Chris thinks I will really like it, and he sees it as a chance to get more financially stable... And a good way to prepare for him going to law school next year. That will be really nice.. Not to mention all the discounts you get on things.

I am still working on memorizing the book of romans.. I am almost done with the first chapter.. I know I am a little late, and that I should have had it done already, but I am really really close. I invited a co-worker to come see the movie "fireproof" with Chris and I this weekend, and I really hope she can make it..

I dont really know what else I can talk about so I am going to sign off for now,


Monday, September 22

Palin's Daughter...

Hello all,

Allow me to vent for a few moments on how absurd the media is being about the whole Bristol Palin thing. The girl got pregnant.. yeah.. she did.. Her boyfriend is from all apearances a very typical high school senior.. The comments he made on myspace are the same type of comments you will hear from 80% of high school jocks. Get over it. They are just kids. Statistics show that most people have sex before they are married. Is it right? No. It is sin, but is it something that makes her so much worse than any other person? No. Get over it already!! Is Sarah Palin a perfect parent? No. Are you? Are any of the people who are belittleing her? No. How many parents teach their kids to wait. How many of those kids don't. Is that the parents fault? The fact that Bristol is pregnant has nothing to do with this election so quit putting up a smokescreen and trying to make a devil where one does not exist. There are enough real ones out there that I think the last thing we need to do is start making fake ones..

Good Grief.

Signing off,

Friday, September 19

Welcoming myself to blogspot

I have resisted blogging for a long time now.. but the last few days, I have actually been caught up on my work, and now I don't know what to do with my free time.. And, I do know that there are probably better things to do... other than this, but I thought it would be fun to try it..

All that being said, I look forward to sharing my thoughts, with whoever looks at this blog. I actually became inspired to do this my the Krahn's blog. Its nice to be able to see what is up with them, and maybe people will really like to.

I suppose I should say a little about us, that being me and my husband. We are Chris and Jennie Hall. We were married in Pembina, ND on June 7, 2008. It was the happiest day of my life. I married my best friend! God is amazing. He has taken care of us over the last several years, slowly setting things in motion for us to begin our lives together. Though we did not know it at the time, looking back there is no other way to explain how we got together. It all started the fall of 2003. Chris had just started college at UND, and I was 14. We were in a bible study together. We did not really talk a lot that year. The next summer, we both worked with CEF together, and did the same for four more years. We became really good friends. God helped us build a friendship before anything romantic. On July 21st 2007, Chris asked me out, and we planned our first date for the day after Camp Good News, August 4th. Since then, God has helped us develop our relationship in a way that honors him. Chris asked me to marry on November 24, 2007. It was awesome.. Right now we live in Bismarck 'Living our Love Song' *Big Smile* Chris is working at Aetna, a health insurance company, And I am working at Cracker Barrel, a resturant / gift shop. I work in the gift shop. Its nice..