Saturday, February 28

Great Day!!

Well, I know I said this morning I was going to take pictures, and I did have my memory card, but this time, we dont have any batteries... So, I have to apologize for lying.

But I did have a really good day!

My aunt and cousins got here around noon, and we went to Sears so they could get their family pictures done. They got some really nice pictures, and we all had fun teasing my uncle about his lack of enthusiasm for them! (He is even less fond of taking pictures than Chris is, and I didnt think that was possible.)

Then we came back to our place, and played a few games of keep away with a volleyball, until that got to wild. Then we played Pay Day, and all had a great time.

On Thursday, we had a potluck at work, and I made an angel food cake, a devils food cake, and a big bowel of pistachio pudding salad, and brough a lot of it home with me.. I have been doing so well recently at only eating things that are good for me, and now I have having Chocolate craving temptations.

Today I got to explain to my cousins how my body is taking care of the baby, and how he is growing. It was a lot of fun. As I thought about how everything works just perfectly, so that the baby is protected, and nourished.. He thought of everything! How people can say that all of this is by chance just amazes me.

Chris says I am "nesting" because I have had the uncontrollable urge to clean like everything in the last few days. Because of that, I am getting really tired. I wish that we could afford for me to just stay home, but at this time, God has not made that an option.

Well, I guess thats really all there is right now..
Talk to you all later,

Catching Up....

Hello All!!
Happy Saturday!! At least, it is for us here..

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated this. I get on and read everyone elses updates every night, but I usually am to tired to actually post myself. So my apologies.

Things have been very busy for us recently. Last weekend we went to Fargo, for Chris's sister Stacy's birthday. We had a lot of fun. Bethany, Chris's niece is almost 2, and we had a lot of fun playing with her. I had all these great intentions of taking pictures to put on my poor pictureless blog, but I left my memory card home, so I didnt get any.

Better luck next time I suppose.

I am now at the 28th week of pregnancy, into my 3rd trimester. Its kind of scary to already be over 2/3rds of the way there! Little Judah has been very active, day and night. I love feeling him move around.. Maybe because I am so paranoid of something going wrong, though up to this point it has not been a concern.

I found out that Aetna is very friendly as far as moms breastfeeding when they get back to work. We are still trying to find a way to work it so I can stay home with Judah, but so far, it isnt looking promising. The good news is, that Aetna has a program where they will pay for 200$ of a breastpump, so that I can still breastfeed the baby. God has also opened other doors. Pastor Todd, and his wife Robin, told us that they can watch the baby after I need to go back to work. That way we dont have to deal with daycare. That is such a relief... Though I still really want to stay home with him myself, I am much more comfortable leaving him with people that I trust, and who will take oprotunities to teach him about Christ. I know he will only be a newborn, but I am already reading scripture to him.. I am really looking forward to the day he will accept Christ as his Savior, and doing all I can to get him ready for that.

Today is very exciting, my Aunt and Cousins are coming down.. I am going to carry my camera, and get some pictures and hopefully post tonight.

Chris applied for law school again this year. Out of 3 schools, God has closed the door to 2 of them. The third, University of South Dakota, sent Chris an offer for a probationary type of program, where he can take a couple classes early in the summer, and if he scores really well, they will accept him. He got this same offer last year, and could not pursue it because we got married in June. This year, the program starts on May 26th, and I am due on the 23rd. So if it comes to your mind, pray for us as we try to figure out where God is leading us.

On a bright note, I now have Romans chapters 1 and 2 memorized. I have been working on it for a while, but got real serious about doing it the beginning of Feb. Now my goal is to get one chapter done a month.. I have really been learning a lot. Amazing what you notice when you take the time to slow up and think about how the words are put together!

Thats all I can think of to write about right now.
Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday in the Grace of Our Lord.
Chris and Jennie