Monday, September 22

Palin's Daughter...

Hello all,

Allow me to vent for a few moments on how absurd the media is being about the whole Bristol Palin thing. The girl got pregnant.. yeah.. she did.. Her boyfriend is from all apearances a very typical high school senior.. The comments he made on myspace are the same type of comments you will hear from 80% of high school jocks. Get over it. They are just kids. Statistics show that most people have sex before they are married. Is it right? No. It is sin, but is it something that makes her so much worse than any other person? No. Get over it already!! Is Sarah Palin a perfect parent? No. Are you? Are any of the people who are belittleing her? No. How many parents teach their kids to wait. How many of those kids don't. Is that the parents fault? The fact that Bristol is pregnant has nothing to do with this election so quit putting up a smokescreen and trying to make a devil where one does not exist. There are enough real ones out there that I think the last thing we need to do is start making fake ones..

Good Grief.

Signing off,

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Daniel and Rachel said...

AMEN Jennie!!! Sarah ROCKZ...TOTALLY!!!! I wish we could just elect HER for prez and forget McCain...LOL. Let's show the woman some love...