Tuesday, September 23

Aetna Hopefull

Okay, so today I am very very psyched. I am going to get a face to face interview with someone at Aetna which is a life insurrance company. I am excited about this because Chris works there as well, and we may be able to carpool and other things like that.. Not to mention the pay of over 13 dollars an hour. Last time I applied, I did not even get a call back.. but this time, I got the email, callback, phone interview and now the face to face interview.

There are only a few bad things happening today.. I burned my finger with boiling how water, and now it stings like crazy.. and I have to go to work in an hour. Don't get me wrong, I do really like my job, but right now, I kinda feel like I am wasting my time making only 7.50 an hour. By the time I fill up the car every week, most of my check is gone. I really hope I get on with Aetna. Chris thinks I will really like it, and he sees it as a chance to get more financially stable... And a good way to prepare for him going to law school next year. That will be really nice.. Not to mention all the discounts you get on things.

I am still working on memorizing the book of romans.. I am almost done with the first chapter.. I know I am a little late, and that I should have had it done already, but I am really really close. I invited a co-worker to come see the movie "fireproof" with Chris and I this weekend, and I really hope she can make it..

I dont really know what else I can talk about so I am going to sign off for now,


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Daniel and Rachel said...

BTW, how'd your interview go?? And what did you think Of Fireproof? I haven't seen it yet...