Wednesday, October 1

Idea to help mothers facing the thought of abortion...

Hello All,

I don't know what it has been recently but the sickness of abortion has been thrown in my face the last couple months.. Starting with Lexi's note on facebook about the things she was watching/reading online.

Anyway, today Chris took a call about someone wanting medical coverage for a voluntary abortion.. There it was again, the sickness of the whole thing in my face again.. So the evening ended the same way it has several times so far, me bawling my eyes out, wishing I could save that baby. I prayed for it too.

So, here is the hair brained idea that is very very very huge, but if blessed by God, may be used to make a difference..

What if there was a place, where mothers could go, for help, support, and love.. and encouraged to give the baby up... now here is the kicker.. what if that same place also was able to help families who didn't make a million dollars adopt the babies that the birth mothers gave up for adoption. What if, there were sponsors to cover the cost.. Adoption agencies I looked at on-line quoted up to 50,000 dollars to adopt. No wonder it isn't popular. But maybe, a Christian foundation can find God pleasing family, who wants to give that baby a home, and help place them in those parents arms, with the bare minimum costs. Say 2000? I don't know where the rest of the money would come from.. I don't know where we would get doctors, a clinic, legal workers, the authority to do background checks on perspective families.. but say we were able to save 20 babies a year. Over 5 years, that is 100 children that would be placed in loving godly homes, who were at risk for abortion.. Not only would they live, but they would have families who would raise them to love Christ.

Obviously this is a HUGE undertaking. I am not even asking for help at this point, as I am not in a place to start the actual foundation, more laying the groundwork for it.. I just want feedback, ideas, and thoughts. This whole issue has become a huge burden to me.. It moves me to tears whenever I think of it, which has been often recently. Maybe this is God's plan for me.

Please tell me what you think.. I think it would be worthwhile. We serve an awesome God.. who can make something like this work... Please pray with me as I consider what steps to take to make this dream a reality with the help of Christ.

Thanks for taking the time to read this...

With love,

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Daniel and Rachel said...

I totally understand the helplessness and frustration!!! In 2006, SD almost passed a law outlawing abortion...we recieved HUGE national attention from both pro-life and pro-DEATH groups, and in the end we lost the vote. In every single election, another bill is brought out, and some day WE WILL VOTE IT INTO LAW!!!!!!

Anyway, there is an organization here in Sioux Falls called the Alpha Center ( They offer services like free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, counselling, parenting classes, options other than abortion, etc. in an effort to get mothers considering abortion the REAL facts, and save the life of the baby.

Several years ago, the Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls moved to a new building, and the Alpha Center moved into the old abortion clinic!!!! Many ladies didn't know about the change, and ended up in the Alpha Center, thinking they were going to get an abortion!!! I know of at least one young girl who went in there for an abortion, but after recieving a free ultrasound, and being able to see her unborn child, she changed her mind and had the baby!!! PRAISE GOD!!!

The Alpha Center doesn't set up adoptions, but they do strongly encourage that option if the mother isn't able to care for the baby. If anyone in this area really has a heart for this issue, I would STRONGLY urge you to consider donating either your time or your money to help this good cause.