Wednesday, October 29

Disney Link

Just a question, does anyone know where I could go to find information on disney movies, from a biblical perspective? As a result of the impression I got from Aladdin, I have been scouring the internet trying to find a website that breaks down other Disney movies, (or popular kids movies in general) without going out and watching them all to see what I think of them. I can not find anything online by a google search that says anything negative about Disney, but I know from the movie I watched, and the way I was raised, that there has to be someone out there who cares enough to have a website with this kind of information on it.

If you know of anything that would help me out, I would really appreciate it!!



Who? Oldest of six said...

You could try Plugged In from Focus on the Family.

Daniel and Rachel said...

That's what I was gonna is where I always go, or you could also try