Friday, October 31


Why is death supposed to be cute and cuddly on this one day a year? Why is it that on this day, what should be reserved for horror movies is allowed, yes even encouraged to be on the street corners? Its almost like Satan himself out there shouting, "See, the people want me.. They celebrate me.!" Its a day that children enjoy.. And its scary that Satan targets children. Many people have told me that going trick or treating isn't going to make them a Satanist, or involved in the occult, and the answer is no, not necessarily, but what kinds of images do we expose our kids to? Witches and goblins, potions, magic powers, ghosts, worshipping the dead, and now days many of the decorations are disgusting. (being pregnant, some of them have made me literally sick.) But the kids think all this is just harmless fun and games. On a good note, Chris needed a relaxed day at the office, and with all the halloween stuff going on, he is feeling much more relaxed today.

Here is a link to an article I found on

It talks about the real origin of Halloween.. I thought that it would be appropriate for today. I am getting really tired of seeing jack-o-lanterns and ghosts every where, so I am really looking forward to tomorrow!!

From the study I have done, this is about as basic as the story can get without having a ridiculously long post.. I have had a few of them recently.

As Christians, we need to make sure that what we do, celebrate, and think about all reflect the glory of God. I cannot in good conscience take part in the "Halloween" activities.. But the good news, Chris and I get to go on a date tonight!!
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Bruce and Linda Mitton said...

You hit the nail on the head Jennie!!! I just wish more Christians would realize what a wicked holiday Halloween really is!!

Daniel and Rachel said...

Preach it Jennie!! :) And have a fun date...