Monday, June 29

Judah is 3 weeks old!

Here are some pictures of Judah at 3 weeks old! Today, the 29th, is his 3 week birthday. He has very wide eyes, that take everything in around him. He loves to study your face, and lights facinate him.

I just love the way his mouth looks. He looks so curious about his world. He likes to watch things, and watching his expressions as he takes in his world is so fun!

Here he is in hid boppy. They are simply one of the best inventions in the world! The boppy pillow has only hundrends of uses, and Judah likes sitting in it and watching whatever mommy and daddy are doing.

Here he is in the carseat that Aunt Kelly gave him. He has a love hate relationship with it. Sometiems he will scream when he is put in it, and sometimes it puts him to sleep.

I think this one was taken a few days ago, so he isnt quite 3 weeks yet. He loves his pacifier.

Judah is 3 weeks old today! Here are some pics that I took throughout the day. The first couple are him in just his new cloth diapers. Robin, my pastors wife, gave me her old stash, and I am thrilled! Probably 700 dollars worth of diapers at least. We love this little guy very much! God has given us a blessing that is so huge..
I never really understood what people would always say about the love a parent has for their child until he was born. We would not trade him for anything in the whole world! We are already praying for and anticipating the day that he accepts the Lord Jesus as his Saviour. We know that God has a plan for him, and cant wait to see how God works in his life.
God has been teaching me a lot about trust over the last several months. Life has been so unpredictable, and right now Chris and I are trying to figure out what the future holds now that Judah is here. Our small group bible study has been so challenging. We have been talking about Jonathan and his armour bearer. There is a story about a time when Israel was being attacked by the Phillistines, and Saul, who was King at that time, was spending his time under a pomagranate tree drunk. Jonathan took his armour bearer, and decided to attack a Phillistine outpost alone, just the two of them. The interesting thing is that he didnt know if God was going to bless his efforts or not. What he did know is that God had the power to give them victory, and that ultimatly, God's will would be accomplished. So he stepped out on faith and put his life on the line.
It has been a great study, and is based on the book Chasing Daylight by Erwin McManus. If you ever get the chance to read this book it is VERY good, but VERY convicting and challenging.
I guess the gist of that whole thought is that God has been very good to us, and even though we have no idea where he is leading us, we are doing our best to walk with baby steps in the direction we think he is, and allowing him to guide us. Its scary, but looking back on the last year, God so knew where we needed to be, and He got us here. What a mighty God we serve!


Daniel and Rachel said...

He is such a little cutie!!!! :) Absolutely adorable. Does he have a little rash on his cheeks, or is it just the lighting? I really want a boppy pillow too...I just haven't found a really cheap one yet. :)

*Chris and Jennie* said...

He has what they call infant acne. It is caused my all my wacked out hormones that he is getting through my milk. Should clear up by 3 months or so.