Sunday, August 2

Judah at almost 8 weeks.. Even some Smiles!!

Look at my super cute smile! Mommy has been trying to get a smile on camera for almost a month. And I finally cooperated.
Here is another one. I was in a happy mood. I finally fit into my church outfit. It is a size 6 month, and I am not even 2 yet. But then, I am a big boy!

Mommy really likes this picture. She thinks this looks the most like me in real life.

I sneezed, right as mommy took the picture.!!!

And one last washed out smile! Sorry the color is bad, mommy did a lot of playing with the lights.

I finally got more pics of Judah to share. I actually have more, but I lost the camera that they are on. Someday I will find it.
Hope you enjoy them!

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Naomi K said...

Wow - he's grown! I love his little outfit and his half-smiles :) We missed you at camp too!