Monday, September 21

More Judah, again

Here are more pictures of the little one! This one, (below) is a pic of him in his new Jumperoo.. We got it for him on Sat, and already he has spent hours in this thing. He laughs and giggles, because he can swing himself all over. He really want to be independent, so I think this helps him feel more like his own baby..

Again, another picture of the amazing new toy!
It got pretty cold here recently.. Chris and I realized we didnt (and still dont) have a lot of clothes that are going to be warm enough for winter. Here he is with his new winter hat on. He doesnt seem to mind it, unless it falls down and covers his eyes. We learned the hard way that this is a very very bad idea. Makes babies very unhappy.

He is also working hard at learning how to crawl.. Most of the time, tummy time makes him mad, because he isnt crawling yet. But he is mobile! I put him on the bed friday afternoon, and put pillows all around him.. After he woke up from his nap, he somehow managed to roll onto his tummy, and scoot right off the bed. He is doing alright. I think he scared mommy even more than himself!

This is Gwen, Chris's mom and Judah. It is the best grandparrent picture that we have so far. It was taken tonight out at Rob and Gwens place. Grandma and Grandpa just love having him around!

So, there you go. I finally got around to putting more pics of Judah on the computer.. I am not nearly as punctual with this as Rachel is.. Dont know how she does it..
If you have access to facebook, all the pictures I have on the computer of him at all are on my page. If you are on facebook, this is probably just repeats, but for those who are not, here is some Judah to whet you appatite! IMO, he is a major cutie!


Daniel and Rachel said...

LOL, it usually takes me a day or two of work to get all the pix loaded on the computer, sorted thru, edited (if needed...), uploaded, captioned, and posted!!! And I'm not always punctual...several of my posts have been late. :) Thanks for the encouragement tho. Oh, and btw, he IS a cutie!!! ;)

Naomi K said...

Yeah, more pictures! He's really grown and gotten even cuter since I saw him last!