Thursday, June 4

Another Update

Hello All,
I dont know if you are waiting as anxiously as I am for this baby to come, but so far, he has taken his precious time. On Monday, I had another dr's appointment, and everything looks good. God has been very good to us. Everytime they look at him, or moniter him, they tell us, wow.. He looks perfect! I know that God is taking care of him, but I am getting to the point that I really want to help!
I have yet another induction scheduled for the 8th (monday), But I really really want a natural birth. Chris and I have been talking it over, and he thinks that maybe we can have baby #2 at home. I really wanted to have this one at home, but Chris was a little nervous just in case something went wrong. But since things seem to look so good, depending on delivery, we may just have the next baby at home.

Someday I will post a birth announcement and pictures! I have been having contractions on and off all last night and now this morning, so we will see if that brings anything about.

I went to the Chiropractor yesterday, and decided that they are way worth the money! My back feels better than what it has in years. She said my pelvis was out of joint, and that could be why all my other labor has stopped. (I have been in active labor like 5 times. Contractions get to be about a minute apart, intense and about a minute long, and then it stops.) She said the baby might not have been able to decend properly, so now that I have been adjusted I am hoping he will come soon!

Thank you for all your prayers and support!
Love, Chris, Jennie, and baby Judah.

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Daniel and Rachel said...

I'm certainly anxious for you girl!!!! :) I hope you won't have to wait much longer, both for your sake and Judah's...glad to hear everything is looking good!