Tuesday, June 9

Christopher Judah Hall!!

Well, After several weeks and months of waiting, Judah decided to make his enterance last night, June 8th at 9:21 pm! He is so cute! I am so tired though, I have not even gotten to the camera, so I will post a few of the pictures that Chris took of him. I know its funny that we are not in any of these, but trust me, there will be more!
Christopher Judah Hall
06-08-09, 9:21 PM
9lbs 3oz
22 Inches Long
14 1/4 head diameter
Big Feet, Big Toes, Long Fingers!
I have Daddys lips, Chin and Toes,
I have mommys nose, fingernails and ears!
We are so happy to finally meet him!
(Ps: Sorry the pics all ended up on the top.. I have yet to figure out how you get the pictures to show up where you want them on here.. :)

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Daniel and Rachel said...

Yay Jennie!!! :D He's a cutie...can't wait to see more pix! When you feel up to it, send me an email and let me know how everything went...I'm very curious, since I've got my own delivery quickly approaching...yikes. :)