Thursday, June 11

More Judah!

This is mommy and my very first picture together! Other than one that Great Aunt Darla took, but this is the first one to go online. This is me with my rings. I love my rings! They were a gift that Mommy got for me at her baby shower.
Mommy thinks this looks like I am picking my nose, but I really and only stretching my very long fingers using my face!

Sorry this picture is crooked, Mommy is still trying to figure out how exactly to put pictures on blogspot. She has tried several times, but just can't seem to get it.

And, this one is turned the other way, but if you crank your neck just a bit, you will see this is Uncle Tyler. He just finished giving me a small bottle of Mommy's yummy milk.

This is my "I am very content and happy with life face." Mommy says she wishes she could see it more at 3 in the morning.

Here are the long awaited pictures of baby Judah! He is such a joy. He has his cranky moments, and God gave him a strong will, and he picked up a bit of a temper from somewhere. (Definatly not from Mommy) and we are looking forward to teaching him to bring it all into submission to Christ. Most of the time he is pretty content.. Especially during the day. Nightime can be another story!
Hope you all enjoy the pictures! Daddy wasnt here for pictures, he is trying to get some sleep, so that he can go back to work in the morning.
Jennie and Judah

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Naomi K said...

Congratulations!!! I was so excited to hear about your baby - we all were - it was one of the most exciting things that's ever happened during training! He's really, really cute! and big! Have fun with the girls this week and get lots of rest - I can't wait to see him!