Wednesday, November 5

The votes are in.....

Well, I guess even after all the politics, and all the liberals speeches, and all of the "America Needs A Black President" stuff, I didn't actually think he would win. But now he has, and us Christians are now bracing ourselves for the promised "Change". I was really disappointed last night as Chris and I watched the states make up their minds, but after sleeping on it, I think that this could be a blessing in disguise. I don't know if Obama is going to make a mess out of the country, and it isn't really going to help to speculate. Now, my job is to pray for wisdom for him, as well as his salvation. God is in the miracle business, and I think He does quite well at it. Chris thinks that if Obama does what everyone thinks he will do, then it will wake the country up, for a better turn out in 4 years.

But ultimately, my job is to pray, and that is what I intend to do.

Wow, a short post for once!!

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The Krahns said...

I think you have the right idea, Jennie. We really need to pray for his salvation!