Monday, November 17

Feeling good, new babies, and conviction.. It was a Sunday!

Yesterday was a great day!! I was able to get up and go to church, and we got to meet Valerie and Chandler's new little one born on Nov. 7 and 9:24. (Valerie and Chandler are friends from church) She is sooo adorable.. I held her and she didn't cry!! I am hoping my own child is the same way. Looking at her in my arms I was shocked by how small she was. (I guess I have not held a lot of newborns) I thought about how much work it is going to be to take care of a baby that small, who can not even hold her own head up. I guess I am starting to understand that there is no such thing as a "part time parent" and it is getting more and more important to me to find a way to be a stay at home mom. Our little baby is 12 weeks old right now, and I have about 6 more months to figure this out. Right now, it does not look possible financially, but I am trusting that God will provide a way for us to be able to live on only one income. Anyways, all those thoughts came to be while holding little Leanna Rose. I wish I had a picture.. :(

Pastor Todd had an amazing sermon yesterday. It was quite convicting. Apparently, it was the second part of last week's sermon, but I was sick and ended up leaving before the sermon. Now I am even more bummed I didn't hear it. It was about the Great Commission, and what our responsibility is to the command. For a while now, Chris and I have been talking about getting together with Pastor Todd and Robin and talking about where we can plug into the church. Its been kinda hard with me being sick and all, but now that I am feeling better, I really want to make it work. So tonight we are going to meet with them to talk about it. One thing that has frustrated me lately is that I dont know anyone in Bismarck outside of the church, and don't really have a way to get to know people. It is soo hard in a city. Chris suggested yesterday, that maybe I should be doing more for the members of the church, and encouraging them, so they can share their faith more abundantly. So, I think I am going to act on that. I have learned that conviction is not a bad thing... In fact, it can help you to find where your place is, help you correct sin issues, and become closer to Christ. So instead of getting upset over conviction.. I get excited!! I am really looking forward to what God is going to do with us.

One more random thing.. I got a fish!! Something I have wanted for a while. He is an orange Betta. And very pretty. His name is Sir. Render. Compliments of my sister Valarie. I love him! Chris bought him for me so I would not feel as lonely during the day. He is not very photogenic though.. something about the water I think.. I will keep trying to get a good one.. and put it on here.. But no promises!
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