Friday, November 7


We had a blizzard here yesterday and last night.. It was quite scary.. I was going to go out in it to run some errands, and to get out of the house, but after driving a hundred yards decided to head back as there was no visibility, and the road was ice. Good thing I did too, about 20 min later, Chris called me from work to tell me it was going to get worse and to stay home! Anyways, I got a few pics of it and thought I would put them on here.

These two I took out of our bedroom window.. The pictures don't do them justice. Really, the one off the roof had at least 6 foot of overhang that was just snow!! It was really pretty, and the drifts on the parking lot below are pretty deep too! The real fun was getting Chris out of the house for work this morning.. The picture on the top is of our porch, right out of the door.. Again, the pic doesnt look it, but the drift was up past Chris's waist! So we are going to have fun with the snow this year. Winter has stopped in to say hello! Some people say we are in for another year like '96-'97. I hope not... I don't know how much sledding I can do with Baby on board!

On a good note, I am feeling much better these days, and my first doctors appointment is this afternoon.. I am so excited.. I can't wait to hear the heartbeat, and I sure hope they do an ultrasound so I can see him/her!! I am kinda nervous too. I have an irrational fear that there isnt really a baby, and that I am just sick for no reason.. That would not explain my incredible eating habbits the last few weeks, I know, but I still worry..

Please pray everything looks good and goes well!! I will post again tonight with news of how it went!!

Signing off,

PS, one last thing,

I finally got my honeymoon pics on facebook. Here is the public link so you can look at them.


The Krahns said...

Wow! Hopefully that snow won't all stay for winter...we got maybe an inch. Keep warm! Naomi

The Krahns said...

Fun pictures! That's a side of ND I've never seen - Naomi