Wednesday, July 27

Grateful for my family!!

I know I have not updated this blog in like.. Months. But in light of all of the death, and pain my family has expierianced this last spring, I thought it would be appropriate to give thanks for my beautiful family. :)

My Husband Chris:
*He loves our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ
*Is a man of true valor.
*He is my ally.
*He has helped me heal from many wounds, and stood beside me during my darkest hours.
*He is a leader, but not a dictator. He respects that marriage is a mutual parternship.
*He is gentle
*He is a wonderful father to our boys.

My Son, Judah
*Is a sensative, curious, joyful little boy.
*Gives super sweet hugs, and kisses.
*Is sensative to the needs, and emotions of others, as much as is developmentally appropriate for a 2 year old anyways
*Is an awesome big brother.
*Is very forgiving of my bad moments.
*Has taught me soo much about love, grace, sacrifice, joy, and the personality of God.

My Son, Justice
*Nurses so sweetly. Nothing is more beautiful or natural than a babe at breast.
*Is ever watchful of his enviornment.
*Interacts with us, and brings so much joy.
*Is a good reminder of what it is like to pursue learning, without giving up. For a month now he spends all his waking moments trying so hard to sit, crawl, and explore. Though he has not mastered any of those things, he is still driven to learn.

My family means so much to me.. And God truely is in the heart of a family. Being a mother has taught me soooo much about the passages in scripture that talk about the nurturing aspects of God.. About his grace, mercy and love. Even about his dicipline.

Life is soo fleeting. We have known several people in the last few months who have lost loved ones very suddenly, with no warning. Please take a moment and let your family know you love them, and thank God for his special gift of family. <3

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The K. Family said...

Didn't know your family was having a hard time. So sorry. It is good to give thanks for those we love and tell them so, often!