Wednesday, March 23

Newest Pictures of Judah, and Justice

Here are some updated pics of the boys. These were taken when Justice was 6 days old, so the 16th of March, 2011. I take pics of the boys once a month until they are one, and then every 3 months until they are 2, so March was also the month for Judah's 21 month pictures. We did not get any of the boys together, which is okay. At this age, its just stress on both the photographer, and the boys, at least in a studio setting. Still waiting for that 'moment' here at home when we have a camera ready to get the brothers together. :)

Justice, safe in Mamma's arms. He is so alert, and calm, and did a splendid job for a newborn in a photo studio. In my expieriance, shots like the ones we got with him are not an every day thing for a newborn, so I was very pleased with the way they turned out. Kudos to Jan Beauclair our photographer for doing such an awesome job!
This is one of my favorite pics of Justice. Jan had purchased this lamb when I told her I would be bringing Justice to Bismarck for his newborn pictures, and the way he is lying there with his eyes wide open just melts my heart. <3

And my Judah.. My beautiful, sensative, thrill seeking 21 month old joy. I love him so much, and have been so blessed by having the last 21 months to get to know him and love on him. Judah actually means "Praised" and we really feel like he is something we praise God for every day. His very life is a real praise for God's goodness to us. :)

You can see what a joyful spirit that he has in this picture. He is always very open with his smiles, and will spill his happyness on those around him. He has always been a natural in front of the camera as well. I am really enjoying the toddler years with him thus far. It is so beautiful to me to see how God has designed humans to find their own boundaries at such a young age, and its a bit scary to know that how I train him is going to determine in a large sense his ability to respect himself, other people, and the boundaries God has set for us in scripture. Right now we are really working on his "No". Teaching him that his no has power, and it is important. He needs a strong "No" to be able to say no to evil, and people who would use and manipulate him, causing him to walk away from God's path. The other side is teaching him that he also must learn to take a no. That other people have boundaries as well that cannot be crossed. It is such a special time to be a mamma!

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