Wednesday, March 23

Zachary Justice Hall!

We have a baby! Actually, we had him on the 10th, and I am just getting around to updating! He was born March 10, 2011, into the comfort of him mamma's arms in our home. He weighed 8lb 4oz, and was 21 inches long. Here are some pics! They are kindof backwards so, you see baby before labor. :)

Here he is, weighed in at 8lb 4oz. The midwife brings a scale, and everything that you need to get all the information for the baby when he is born. :)

Meeting Big Brother Judah for the first time. Judah just loves Justice, and gives him lots of kisses. Sometimes he needs a friendly reminder that little brothers are not for hitting though. :)

Right after birth, snuggled up in mamma's arms in her own bed. I would never, ever, ever do another hospital birth, unless it was totally necesary. The homebirth was everything I wanted, and I actually got to bond with Justice without having him taken away like they did Judah. Those hours they stole from us caused a wound in our relationship, that though healed now, was damaging Judah's first few months of life. With Justice I feel in tuned to his needs, and I am completly attached and in love with this little man. :)

Laboring with the best labor coach in the world. Labor was a lot of hard work, but he was there every step of the way to hold my hand, push back my hair, massage my hips, or just whisper sweet words on encouragement to me. Chris definatly was everything I needed in a hubby during those long hours of pushing. I love him so much.. <3

Laboring in the birth pool. Due to my blood pressure dropping because of the temp of the water, I was not actually able to have a 'real' waterbirth, but I did labor in the water for quite a while.
We are very thankful for the newest blessing God has given us.. :)

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