Sunday, February 26

The last year: A picture review!

I am going to give this another shot.. :)

Justice, our baby will be 1 already on March 10. Its crazy to watch him grow up.. Overall, he has had a much easier first year than his brother did, who by the time he was 1 had already been hospitalized twice.

Here are some shots of the boys last March.. (I think on the 16th, when Justice was 6 days old! Quick family tidbit: Justice got his full name on the day his first pictures were taken. Chris and I had decided not to decide on a name until we got to know him.. We settled on Justice by Monday the 14th, but Zachary, his first name was not decided until we were driving to the photo studio. Its a perfect fit and we love it!

Judah at 21 Months

Justice at 6 days!

Fast forward 6 months, and we have these pics. :)

Judah at 27 months

Both boys together!

Justice at 6 Months!!

And now some of current. These were both taken in Oregon when we were there at the beginning of February.

This is Judah on the beach.. He had a blast! He got to feed the seagulls, and he got to chase them. We found a couple bigger pieces of broken shells, including half of a sand dollar that we brought home.

And this is Justice playing in the baby area of the Portland Children's Museum.

We really enjoyed our time in Oregon. Now that we are back in ND, I wish that we could escape and go out there more often. It truly is beautiful.. Maybe someday we will live out there.

That's all for now.. We will see how long this blogging thing lasts. :)

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