Saturday, March 7


Hello All...

Today Chris and I went shopping.. For maternity jeans, and for a MINI VAN!!! Well, we are not acutually looking at buying till we have enough money saved up. But we did test drive one that I loved!!! Its really nice looking, (the part I like) has lots of room, (again I like), runs great, (Chris likes), and will have room for 4 or 5 kids. So, I love it!! God has been really good to us.. I cant wait to fill up the van with kids..!! (of course, we need to save up the money for it now:))
I got myself all excited about the van, and now I dont want to wait a couple of years to save money for it. Chris tried to tell me.. but I didnt listen. :)
Well, Thats all that I have to talk about..
I guess my life has gotten kind of boring.. :)
Have a great day!!


Daniel and Rachel said...

LOL, neither Daniel or I like mini-vans (Daniel calls them "goober-mobiles!), so I'm quite sure getting one will NOT be in our future... :) I'm glad you guys found something you like tho!! For now we have a car that we can get at least 3 kids in, and when it's time to get something bigger we'll most likely get some sort of SUV...Daniel really likes Trailblazers, so we'll probably look at something like that...

Naomi K said...

Is that a picture of the one you guys looked at? I like the dark blue! Personally, I prefer minivans over SUVs...but either way, I think it's funny how you guys are already thinking about family vehicles :) Just get a 15-pass. and be done with it!